Francisco Morillo and Josefina Salinas, are the owners of la Solera Restaurant cellar. Began their career in the hospitality industry in the years eighties, working in prestigious restaurants in where they were gaining the experience and professionalism now supports them.


In 2002 was inaugurated the first La Solera Restaurant cellar, located at Calle San Antonio. Their motivation, dedication and good performance was rewarded with theincrease of guests attending their business to sample the exquisite cuisine at affordable prices. These events and their perseverance encouraged to undertake a project that they had dreamed from the beginning: open a new restaurant designed with great detail for diners feel like at home Five years later, in the year 2007, made their dream a reality, opening its doors the new Solera in Captain street Nº 13, corner with Oviedo Street Nº 16 which has another acces door to the restaurant.


The staff consists of a solid professionals team working with Paco and Fina from their beginnings. Their greatest strength is the spirit they emit where the human quality of the team is patent at all times.


The chef, Carlos, is leading the kitchen. Their creativity and innovation do not leave indifferent to diners taste their creations, as the taste and presentation of their dishes are a show for the senses.

The waiters flaunt their professionalism, serving you in an efficient, elegant and discreet way always solicitous to the smallest detail.


The increased compensation for Fina and Paco is to ensure that their clients are satisfied and willing to return.

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